All the way from Normandy, France, Chef Frederic Madeleine opened his first boutique Le Pommier in Higashi-Kitazawa in October 2005, followed by the second in Azabu Juban in September 2009, and third in Omotesando in December 2014 as Cafe Le Pommier.

The boutique’s floor is covered with over 200 years old terra cotta (unglazed pottery), which was brought in from Normandy to show his commitment in making authentic traditional pastries. The walls and pillars are decorated taking the model design of a traditional Normandy house which is called Colombage (wooden structure construction). 

In addition to the timeless interior design, Le Pommier’s classic pastries are loved not only by the French but also by the Japanese. Among all, petit gateau “Pommier” made with green apples is the chef’s most favourite!

We put all of our effort to bring a delightful joy to our customers at first bite. To do so, we value seasonality and ingredients from our producers and at the same time try to maintain a classic taste.