Christmas Cake

Christmas cake reservations can be made in-store or by phone.
Please contact the store to pick up cake on the day.
Do note that we do not accept email reservations or delivery.
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Bûche Marron Framboise Yuzu
Brown Raspberry Chestnut Yuzu

Gluten Free

Smooth and rich chestnut bavarois with a refreshing raspberry confit and yuzu mousse accents. A flourless marron biscuit and sablé châtenneuse are placed at the bottom of the bavarois, making it a gluten-free treat.

Les details

Specified ingredients: milk, eggs, wheat, gelatin, soybeans

Le prix

W100 x D90 x H60 3250 yen (excluding tax)
W165 x D90 x H60 5200 yen (excluding tax)

Couronne Pistache Mandarine
Pistachio Tangerine Wreath

A layer of mandarin creme, orange confiture and mandarin dacquoise under a rich pistachio bavarois. You’ll be surprised with what Inside of the bavarois: a ball of chocolate! Also inside it is an orange and mandarin coulis, make this a fun new Christmas cake.

Les details

Ingredients: Milk, eggs, wheat, gelatin, soy

Le prix

[Size] 150×H50 (mm)

Chocolat Caramel Vanille
Chocolate-Caramel Vanille

A combination of 70% cocoa chocolate bavarois and vanilla. Accented with soft caramel cream. A rich and dense brownie is used for the base, boosting the overall richness of the cake. This Christmas cake from Pommier is a must-have for chocolate lovers.

Les details

[Specified ingredients] Milk, eggs, wheat, gelatin, soybeans, walnuts

Le prix

140×H45 5400円(tax-exclusive)

Folies De Fraises
Strawberry Madness

A cute Santa Claus peeking out from a pile of strawberries, strawberry syrup in the three-layered sponge, fresh cream that is not too sweet, all in all, a well-balanced and most popular product.

Les details

Ingredients: Milk, eggs, wheat, soybeans

Le prix

12cm (for 2-3 persons): 3900 yen (tax-exclusive)
14cm (for 4-5 persons) 4,800 yen (tax-exclusive)
16cm (for 6-7 persons) 5300 yen (tax-exclusive)
18cm (for 8-10 persons) 6,000 yen (tax-exclusive)
20cm (for 10-12 persons) 8400 yen (tax-exclusive)